MANGOBLOGGER is a small business marketing automation agency. We develop tools and services for business growth.

Thank you for your interest in MangoBlogger. Mango is in our name and it represents growth - growth for your business. We are excited to tell you our story.

What we do

  • We work on automating processes for businesses like onboarding employees, monthly analytics reports & SEO/analytics tasks. We have launched two Google sheets add-ons (SEOMango & Employee Onboarding App) so far used by hundreds of users.
  • We provide businesses with brand kick off service by providing a one-stop shop for website launches focused on conversions and providing analytics services to improve conversions.

We think BIG,
start small
and move fast >>>

We are Hackers, Dreamers & Doers. Let's build something!

MangoBlogger Team

We are a close-knit, cross functional team of doers that believes in the power of technology and are committed to bringing the best in marketing techology to you.

Helping you grow your business keeps us going.

We love music, video games, books and travelling!

MangoBlogger Team


Our work, Our Craft

We take work seriously and practice our craft. We constantly push our own boundaries and set high standards for the work we produce.

Live the journey

We are in the analytics and technology business for life and hence our work is our life. We enjoy it.

Learn and Unlearn

We belive in constantly learning. Learning never stops for us.

Together we ascend

We belive in team work. Through it we achieve great things.

Our Story

Founded in January 2017
after a long Uber ride from Los Angles to Orange County, California. Seriously it was that long! Sign up for our newsletter to learn the entire story!

The ride was fun and full of interesting conversations. Conclusion of the long ride was that quality web analytics should be available as SaaS to small and medium size busineeses, the best in marketing technology should be avaialble easily to solopreuneurs. There are many analytics tools, we believe opportunity lies in the utlization of the data.

Head Office: Bidkin India

MangoBlogger team members work remotely from Aurangabad, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Boston & Melbourne. Having a distributed workforce allows us to build the best team from all across the world/

MangoBlogger Specialities

Google Analytics | Google Tag Manager | Tableau | DOMO | Google Add-Ons | SEO | Automation | Personalization

We know digital marketing - You know your business. It is a winning combination!