Analytics Terms


A Dimension is an attribute of the visitor and their activity on the website. Dimensions are used to organize and analyze website data. Dimensions, if we go by the formal definition and if you have Read more…



Query or in simple words, ‘REQUEST’. That request can be for anything starting from giving a request for fetching a file, or for getting an algorithm to solve a certain problem. Confused? Not for more Read more…



Goals are the actions that you want users to perform on your website that is defined as success. The action has to be a substantial one such as purchase, download or contact.Goals measure how well your Read more…


Organic Traffic

Traffic to your website is counted as Organic Traffic in Google Analytics when a user visits your site after clicking on search results. like Google, Bing, Yandex or Duckduckgo. In Google Analytics this traffic shows up Read more…


New Visitor

A user who visits the website for the first time. Also, a user who had visited the website previously but due to some reason if they had deleted cookies, history or used private browsing mode Read more… is a UX agency specializing in web analytics and SEO. We create useful Google Analytics Dashboards for your business using Google Tag Manager. Our dashboards integrate with AdWords conversion tracking, Retargeting, Facebook Pixel, Google Publisher and much more.

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