Sunbeam is a Leno Bags manufacturing company based in Satara, MIDC in Maharashtra. About 3 hours from Pune. While working with Sunbeam team on the website redesign project, we at MangoBlogger used data to guide each our steps. Previous web analytics data, SEO performance, and competitive analysis were used extensively to create the initial wireframes.
The results that we got from such activities motivated the Sunbeam Team to know more about the data and a custom Google Analytics Dashboard was also requested as part of the project.
MangoBlogger took the opportunity to port the analytics infrastructure of Sunbeam Lenopack from tags on the website to Google Tag Manager to streamline analytics implementation and create a robust infrastructure on which to base the future marketing activities.MangoBlogger Analysts went back to the drawing boards to come up with a custom analytics strategy for Sunbeam by doing competitive analysis and defining the goals of the website.
One may argue that the goals of all the website will be same. While that is true, one also has to take in mind the vision of the company to define the goals. After extensive interviews with the Sunbeam team, MangoBlogger came up with an analytics strategy to capture interactions most important to the business at the time. By focusing on a few very important metrics we tried to eliminate the noise in the insights and have the dashboard be focused on the most metrics in the stage of the business.

On the completion of the project, MangoBlogger handed of the dashboard to the Sunbeam Team and conducted a training session for explaining the metrics and how to interpret them for creating more blogs on the website.
Sunbeam Team has been using the dashboard on a regular basis to verify the website doing good and the marketing campaigns are working well. MangoBlogger continues to provide support to Sunbeam team for extracting insights out of the web analytics data.

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