A/B Testing

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It is a method deployed in the web analytics. Let us have a brief about the A/B Testing method and its advantages.


I’ll be simple in explaining the meaning of the term. It is a method of testing to choose one out of two variants of a product which is most preferred by the user or the consumer. So basically two different versions or variants of a product are designed and are used for testing, generally by using the consumer’s review and then the product variant with more votes wins the test. The name A/B is given to identify two variants A & B of one particular product.


Several companies provide different terms to specify the overall procedure and to decide the winner variant among two. For instance, we’ll mention examples for those-

Winner or Champion Page– The companies can name the winning variant, the winner page or the champion product and can use them for future competitions and enhancements.

Challenger Page or Product- It is the product which is used to compare with the existing Champion product and if the challenger sees enhancements from its previous version, then this product s made the champion and is used for further competitions and testing.

Product Variant- this term is used for the products which are new and have differences from the previous versions or variants and these can be used to compare with the old versions to get an insight of the betterment work done.


The working of the A/B testing you know already because it is very clear from the definitions. If we speak about the Web Analytics, the two versions or variants of a website are to be tested for checking the effectiveness.

  • An equal amount of Traffic is assigned to both the pages and then the working is analysed.
  • Visitors are typically cookied so that they will always see the same version of the page (to maintain the integrity of the test).
  • The main factor that decides how much weight you would ascribe to your page variants during a test is timing, whether you are starting the test with multiple variants at the same time or testing new ideas against an established page.
  • The results are noted down on the basis of various factors mentioned by the testing agency according to the needs of the company and the website.
  • The results are compared and the winner is announced and so the website company can employ the winner webpage to get a better outcome for their business.


A/B testing can prove very much beneficial for your online business. We’ll discuss some of the advantages here-

  • Determination of the Best- Employing the AB Testing, you can determine the best product which will suit our business and from which you can gain profit if you use it as your flagship product. In web analytics, you can determine the best web page which would be beneficial for your business.
  • Increasing Cost Effectiveness- It can be used to get the best return on investment from your product because it is comparing the two given products and you’ll get the result for the best one based on consumer reviews.
  • Ease of Test Design and Analysis- Because of the presence of only two to three products for comparison and testing, the designing of the test becomes relatively easy and so the Analysis of the result. Therefore, the A/B testing is a preferred testing method used by a larger crowd of people.
  • Ease of implementation- Due to the spread of A/B testing among the users, it portrays an easy way of implementation.

AB testing is also employed by the google analytics too. I hope this article gives a clear idea about the AB Testing. You can contact our company MangoBlogger for more details and for usage in your business.