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A Dimension is an attribute of the visitor and their activity on the website. Dimensions are used to organize and analyze website data. Dimensions, if we go by the formal definition and if you have a fair idea about the Structured Query Language, then it the Attribute of your data. All the data as we know, in SQL are stored in the form of rows and columns. Same is the case with the web analytics. Every report in Analytics is made up of dimensions and metrics.

n Analytics, user metrics are calculated in two basic ways:

  • As overview totals
    where the metric is displayed as a summary statistic for your entire sites, such as bounce rate or total pageviews.
  • In association with one or more reporting dimensions
    where the metric value is qualified by selected dimension(s).

Metrics calculation is also affected by stacking more than one dimension with a given metric. In both the preformatted and custom reports, you can use multiple dimensions together. 

Using this function we can get all the analytics of our data done. The terms which we have discussed already are all linked to the form of dimensions and matrices in some or the other way.