Entrance Page

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If we go by the definition it will be quite difficult to understand this analytics term but by the common wordings, I would like to state it as- It is the term used to define the first page which you see after clicking a link and that is the page which acts as the entrance to your website. Usually, the Home Page has the highest number of views as it is visited every time user clicks on the link for that website.


It plays a very major role in the field of web analytics, Entrance page is the page which can give the best statistics of the traffic on your page. Every time a user opens your webpage, that will get counted in your analytics data and which will be actually the count of total traffic on your webpage.


Let’s understand the working of it-

1)User clicks on your website’s link.

2)They get the details of the first page to be displayed.

3)The first or we can say the welcome page is displayed on their systems.

4)This first page is the entrance page as it is giving them an entry to the whole of your website.