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Query or in simple words, ‘REQUEST’. That request can be for anything starting from giving a request for fetching a file, or for getting an algorithm to solve a certain problem. Confused? Not for more time, let us discuss further about the queries and how they work in real world wide web.

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A query is a question, often expressed in a formal way. A database query, the form which we use in computer applications, can be either a select query or an action query.

  • The SELECT query is used to select some entries from the database which satisfies the mentioned condition and it displays the result in the form specified.
  • The ACTION query, commands the compiler to perform some action related to manipulation of database or unstructured data. It can be for editing the database, such as adding or deleting some entries etc.

Now that we are done with the simple definition of the queries, we’ll move on to see the working of any query.


When a user enters a keyword in the search box of any search engine, the keyword is checked by the Search Engine to find where it exists in the whole database. It then redirects the user to that particular place where it has found the matching results or it simply displays the result. This is the working of the query in general but the question for the hour is how does it work in Web management and analytics.


You can define the keywords which a new user might use to search for your website and should include that with your webpage. So that when a new user is searching for that particular term or keyword, the search engine should redirect that new user to your webpage and the user should get the required information he is seeking.


  1. If you are defining a keyword for your webpage, the user will land on your page first before going to some other webpage if they are not satisfied with the result provided.
  2. As the user is redirected to your webpage first, it increases the Unique Visitor count of your webpage thereby shooting up the first time traffic statistics.
  3. If the user likes the content provided by your webpage, they’ll surely visit your website again and it might become their first choice for obtaining information, thereby increasing Returning Visitor count of your website.
  4. Query helps in faster search results because the index values of the keywords are already stored in the memory which reduces the fetch time and so it helps in locating the result at a faster rate.

So do add keywords when you are getting your website developed, so that a user doesn’t have to land up anywhere else but your website. Queries ease up the work of the search engines by giving faster results for the keywords given. I hope you are clear with the concept of queries and the advantages you get if you imply the keywords on your webpage.