Returning Visitor

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This is quite an interesting term and has a very important usage in the internet world. Once you visit a website, so you all know that the site stores the cookies, which will be present in your system cache and it is used to identify you when you visit that website again.

But, how do we define that person who is visiting that website again? Now the picture starts, where the hero is the term “Returning Visitor”.


Let’s have a look at the working of this functionality.

  • A person visits the ‘X’ website.
  • ‘X’ stores the data in the database about the user’s IP and location details and creates one copy in the user’s system as a cache.
  • The information stored in the user’s system is called as cookie which stores the information like, preferences of the visitor (site language, etc.) or which sections all did the user visited.
  • This is how the whole process works, now when the user tends to visit the website again, the website’s server cache will be having that user’s information already and so it can identify the user easily and don’t have to store their detail again.
  • In the world of analytics, returning visitor is the term used to define how many users visited the webpage back after browsing it once before.

This is how the analytics can give us the information in the form of data charts, about the new visitors and the returning visitors. If we would not take into consideration the account of returning visitor, then the analytics which is counting the number of visitors visiting that website in a given time, will calculate the returning visitor twice and there won’t be a proper result generated.

Returning visitor takes into account the count of visitors who have already visited the website in the given time and thus subtracts them from the total count of visitors. So you get count of only the new visitors separately and returning visitoors separately, and hence the analytics will give you the best details about the traffic of your website.


There’s a lot of advantage in implying the ‘Returning Visitor’ method, let’s discuss those below-

  • Reliable visitor’s count
  • Efficient Analytics result
  • Detailed information about the popularity of the website
  • It gives information about how likely is it, that your website will be visited again by a user.

This is a brief info about the term used in the analytics i.e., Returning Visitor and you have got an idea that how beneficial it is.


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