Ecommerce Trends to Look forward to in 2018

New innovations of techniques, technologies and customer-driven application are being produced each day. In 2017, the ecommerce trend focused on mobile users, customer experience and personalization. This trend will continue to grow in 2018 along with a few more predictors. Ecommerce in the U.S. is on track to hit $1.2 Read more…

By Tian, ago

How to Design a SaaS pricing page

The SaaS pricing page design comprises of an organized pricing structure of how a company can charge you for the software used. The SaaS model has changed how businesses offer, use and access software on cloud. This software is available on demand leading to a completely different model of pricing Read more…

By Priyanka, ago

UX Writing

A UX writer is the one who formulates content to help a user interact with the interface and also works as a content strategy writer that specifically writes a variety of blogs, writeups, articles, reviews, manuals and so on. Being a writer myself by choice, with an active interest in Read more…

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What is Lean UX?

Lean UX is a very useful method particularly where agile development is involved. Now, what is agile development? In simple words, it is a software development process where in a product is developed in an iterative process. Traditional development methods included planning the process and outcome at the very beginning, Read more…

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Ecommerce Store

Business is done online. Whether you are selling a tangible or intangible product, and especially if you can automate the process of orders, emails, payments; then it does make sense to set up an ecommerce store. Here are three things we want to you to think about when starting an ecommerce store: 1. Read more…

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