Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a Marketing strategy that focuses on growing the visibility of your product or website on organic i.e non-paid search engines results. This requires technical as well as creative elements to increase the ranking and drive traffic as well as the awareness on search engines. Read more…

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Case Study

MangoBlogger Startup Story

MangoBlogger startup was started as a lean startup experiment and has taken some turns to narrow down on it’s refined products & services of custom Google Analytics Dashboards. It started as some experiments to aggregate blog feeds and scrap the targeted keywords as well as a gaming deal aggregator. Domains Read more…

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UX Trends India for 2018

With the growing innovations and constant changes in how we interact with technology and devices, the tech world is bound to have smarter additions to an already smart product. What then is the prospective UX trend that could enhance the look and feel of our dear tech world in 2018? Read more…

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