Android Instant Apps

Today in this blog I’m going to discuss “Android Instant Apps” introduced by Google in I/O 16. Developers like you have built amazing android apps unleash the full power of android devices seamlessly combining the camera, the GPS, with smooth animations and more. But you tell me, you wish to Read more…

By Shreyansh, ago


  Breadcrumb is one of the most important UX term in Web development as well as in Android App development. Breadcrumbs is a control element used as a navigational aid in User Interface in Application or in a website. It allows users to keep track of their locations within Application or websites.  Read more…

By Ankit, ago

Firebase For Developers

Firebase is A back-end cloud platform to build Android and Web apps with a designed infrastructure. As we know today there are several Cloud service providers that are providing many backend features for developers however we’ve to specialize in a high-level factor to create high-quality apps. In this post, you Read more…