You have as of now surely caught wind of the “Cloud”. However, what is it exactly? In this Article, I go ahead “Apps” and give us a fast review of the Cloud idea… and clarify how the Cloud is as of now influencing our ordinary work and demonstrate to us the advantages of moving organizations to the Cloud.


The Cloud is as of now part of our lives, when we utilize Gmail or Drive, we are as of now utilizing the Cloud foundation. Our data gets put away on Google’s servers and is open consistently from any gadget. What many individuals don’t know is that stages, for example, the Google Cloud Platform, enable organizations to supplant their whole physical servers by the Cloud arrangement. At the end of the day, on the off chance that you picked that alternative you will move your information to secure and solid servers. The fundamental advantage is that you won’t have to stress over server support – and if your business is quickly developing, server stockpiling will be the last concern you’ll have as a primary concern!


Google Cloud Platform offers you Google’s infrastructure to store large sets of data (things that you couldn’t just keep in Drive). But did you know that you can also build, test, or deploy your applications or sites using this cloud solution? Let’s take an example of a Google’s internal shuttle app, created by the Google transportation team.  It uses the Cloud to store and deploy relevant information such as the shuttle timetable, seat availability but also real-time traffic information, that allows Google employees to forecast delays in their buses! The app is handy and because it lives in the cloud, it is not impacted by usage overload (employees heavily use the app in raining days!)



Have you already thought about creating a similar app?

Not bad, But wait what features does Google Cloud Platform provides us. Don’t worry I’ll cover that too.


Features of Google Cloud Platform:-


  1. Large Scale Machine Learning Service :

Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine makes it simple for you to assemble modern, vast scale machine learning models that cover a wide arrangement of situations from building refined relapse models to picture order. It is versatile, completely overseen, and incorporated with other Google Cloud Data stage items, for example, Google Cloud Storage, Google Cloud Dataflow, and Google Cloud Datalab so you can without much of a stretch prepare your models.


  2. Powerful Job Search and Discovery :

Google Cloud Jobs API gives profoundly instinctive pursuit of employment that foresees what work searchers are searching for and surfaces focused on suggestions that assistance them find new open doors. So, as to give the most pertinent list items and suggestions, the API utilizes machine figuring out how to see how work titles and abilities identify with each other, and what work substance, area, and position are the nearest coordinate for a jobseeker’s inclinations.


  3. Powerful Video Analysis :

Google Cloud Video Intelligence API makes recordings accessible and discoverable by removing metadata, distinguishing key things, and commenting on the substance of the video. By calling a simple to-utilize REST API, you would now be able to look through each snapshot of each video record in your list and discover every event of key things and in addition its importance. Isolate motion from clamor, by recovering pertinent data by video, shot, or edge.


  4. Powerful Image Analysis :

Google Cloud Vision API empowers you to comprehend the substance of a picture by typifying effective machine learning models in a simple to utilize REST API. It rapidly groups pictures into a huge number of classifications (e.g. “sailboat”, “Eiffel Tower”), identifies singular protests and faces inside pictures, and finds and peruses printed words contained inside pictures.


  5. Powerful Speech Recognition :

Google Cloud Speech API empowers you to change over sound to content by applying neural system models in a simple to utilize API. The API perceives more than 80 dialects and variations, to help your worldwide client base. You can translate the content of clients directing to an application’s mouthpiece or empower charge and-control through voice among numerous other utilize cases.


  6. Powerful Text Analysis :

Google Natural Language API uncovers the structure and significance of content by offering intense machine learning models in a simple to utilize REST API. You can utilize it to extricate data about individuals, spots, occasions and significantly more, said in content archives, news articles or blog entries. You can likewise utilize it to comprehend conclusion about your item via web-based networking media or parse expectation from client discussions occurring in a call focus or an informing application.


  7. Fast, Dynamic Translation :

Google Cloud Translation API gives a straightforward automatic interface to make an interpretation of a self-assertive string into any bolstered dialect. Interpretation API is very responsive, so sites and applications can incorporate with Translation API for quick, dynamic interpretation of source content from the source dialect to an objective dialect (e.g. French to English).


For more details, you can refer to their documentation available on,

Nothing is perfect in this world, that’s why Google cloud Platform also has some Pros & Cons.



  • Modern, fast UI: both the web UI and a terminal console application for managing Google Cloud projects work very well and are nice to use. There is a good Android App too, although I have not used it.


  • I like the pricing model for Compute Engine. I think sustained discounts are quite innovative and mean you can get reserved instance pricing without having to pay upfront, or do any work to predict and buy instances. Preemptible instances are also incredibly cheap and are a Yes/No choice when you start a new instance as opposed to the way AWS offers a more complex market


  • It feels like GCE is built on top of modern technology e.g. fast boot times, flexible networking, the promise of no/low contention for resources.


  • Google is 100% carbon neutral (some from offset). They are seriously pushing their green credentials and are far ahead of any other provider.


  • They are leading the container hosting push. They may be behind many of AWS’s features but when it comes to containers, Google leads the technology because they created it and have run it in production for years before producing it.



  • Their support UI is horrible. It’s difficult to manage users and tickets have arbitrary limits for things like descriptions and attachments, which make it difficult to send debug info. I believe this is because it’s based on Salesforce in the background.


  • Networking pricing is expensive. This is not just Google, but AWS and others too.


  • They are quite a long way behind AWS and Azure in terms of product range. This means you get a better ecosystem elsewhere. Google has been releasing at a fast pace but there’s a way to go.


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