The SaaS pricing page design comprises of an organized pricing structure of how a company can charge you for the software used. The SaaS model has changed how businesses offer, use and access software on cloud. This software is available on demand leading to a completely different model of pricing design strategy.

The pricing considerations are based on thresholds, users and features.

With the growing industries and changes in Business strategies has led to a change in the marketing and design of the page featuring the prices on your website.


Buyers usually spend more time on self educating before contacting the sales executive and therefore SaaS pricing page has become something of a critical importance in the buyer’s journey.


Following are a few touch points to follow while designing your pricing page:


Make your prices easy to find by including a clear link to your pricing page on the navigation menu


Be concise


Map your pricing according to a your buyer’s persona, including a message tailored to that persona for them to understand if the plan is fit for them or not. This can be a facility of personalized plan.


Include a section of FAQs to make the sales process simpler.


Include live chats and immediate help to increase customer interaction and satisfaction by solving their problems even at the last minute.


Include custom plans or flexible models especially for the enterprise.


Add multiple CTA conversion paths to help validate services.


Offer and highlight the option of a free trial for those who want to first try, consider and then sign up. Like a FREEmium.


A pricing page needs to be swift, efficient and seamless for the user to feel most comfortable while purchasing. Not just your content and pricing but how you design and portray it is very important in such cases as your portrayal plays a very crucial role on the end user’s mind.


An Architect, aspiring visual designer and a passionate writer. In my years of graduation I had a chance to explore and evolve as a designer and focus on how versatile a professional can get. I hope to excel in the field of user experience design as well as continue with my interest in expressing myself through the art of writing.

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