A lot of companies offer remote internships to spread their reach around the world, and it’s pretty easy to see why. After all, they’re convenient, save office space, and broaden their applicant pool in ways that in-office jobs simply can’t. But the benefits aren’t just for the employers. If anything, it’s the interns themselves who actually get the stacked end of the bargain, I feel that the current curriculum of education at the undergraduate level is not good enough to train students for a professional environment. This is where internships come in.

Without digressing any further, let’s delve into the reasons why working for MangoBlogger has been such a wonderful experience for me:

Mentorship of Prasanna, CEO & Founder of MangoBlogger:

Having been selected for an internship, you now have the difficult job of getting settled in at the company as fast as possible. After all, the time you work with the company is limited. So how do you put yourself at ease and make yourself feel at home? At MangoBlogger all this was very easy going for me due to Prasanna. With no exaggeration, it can be easily stated that Prasanna Kulkarni not only just allows you to work at comfortable timings and pace but also imparts you the complete responsibility and discretion to implement a task you have been working upon. It goes without saying that this tremendously widens your scope of the learning curve in the internship.

A notable bargain at MangoBlogger is that you never get smothered or pressurized for the work you are doing. As a programmer, nothing better than this can enlighten your creativity.

Diversified Tech Stack:

It was only until I started working for MangoBlogger that I came to realize that there is a whole new level of exploration out there to challenge yourself with remarkable functionalities as a developer. Every day is a new challenge when working at MangoBlogger, but also very refreshing as you get your hands dirty with some or the other new leading-edge web technology. This works as a substantial motivation and also keeps on improving your profile as a whole for your future endeavors.

Within just two months of collaborating with MangoBlogger, I got to learn about Google Analytics, Trello API, NodeJs restful services and WordPress Plugin Development. This might sound like too much on your plate but honestly, It has been a cakewalk under the mindful guidance of Prasanna Kulkarni.

Healthy Discussions:

All of you familiar with the corporate world must be aware of the hierarchy of power and position. However, here at MangoBlogger everything is peer to peer and proceeds with intelligent and healthy discussions over the weekly SCRUM Meetings. Everybody at MangoBlogger has a say in the complete product lifecycle model and is free to contribute in any manner at any time.

Competitive Perks and Monetary Compensation:

Keeping my experience as a subject of notice, MangoBlogger pays you back sufficiently well for all the jobs that you do even though it’s a remote internship. Now, this is not just acounting for a monthly stipend, but also work satisfaction, learning graph and cooperative teamwork with skilled interns.

I would like to add a thought to my final notes, that this internship did not just prepare me for my future job prospects but also was one of my best internship experiences of the whole academic phase. I will definitely hit a big YES and recommend for all the aspiring engineers to consider this opportunity of interning with MangoBlogger as a boon to your success.




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