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Are you looking for a 404 URL checker?

I am going to tell you a quick and solid way to bulk check 404 URLs. And how to get HTTP status codes for URLs in Google Sheets in 4 steps. All of this without any coding or without any formula. Using these steps you should be on your way in under 3 minutes.

If you find this tool and the steps mentioned helpful, then let us know in the comments below! We are constantly working on improving the tool and would love to hear from you!

Here is an example of the add-on in action:

Finding HTTP status codes AKA HTTP response codes (ex. 301, 200, 404 etc) will help you improve the user experience of the site. It will also help with website migration, improve SEO, check dead (404) links and much more.

It’s a handy technique to know!

Besides that, if you suggested your backend team to remove/redirect zombie pages on the site and want to check back about the status of the pages then, this method will be useful rather than checking each URL one by one.

4 steps to find HTTP status of URLs:

1 – Open any Google sheets and add the URLs you want to check the HTTP status for, in “Column A”

Check HTTP response code with SEOMango

2 – Now the next step is to Install SEOMango add-on. If you know how to do it then you can install it and skip to step 3 or else you can follow the quick instructions below –

  • Click on Add-ons menu in your spreadsheet besides the Help menu
  • Click on Get Add-ons
  • Search for SEOMango

  • Click on install

3 – From the Add-ons menu go to SEOMango option and click on Run 404 checker

4 – Hola! You have checked HTTP status code for your the URLs in the Google sheet and now know which are broken links, which are valid links, which redirect etc.

I have found HTTP status by coding as well but found this to be the easiest way as it works in all the sheets. If you are interested in knowing how to achieve this by Google App Script then you can check this medium post by Mr. Adham.

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Let us know in the comments below on what we can improve in the add-on and make it an even better 404 URL checker.


Note – The add-on can check up to 1500-1800 URLs in a go. Once it has started please allow up to 6 minutes for completion if the number of URLs is large. By re-running the add-on you can check upto 20,000 URLs in a day.

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