As your Woocommerce store grows, sales reports become essential for spotting the trends of sales and forecasting revenue. This data can inform various decisions to grow your store.

So how do you get reports for your store? There are different ways to do it. Following are the three options in order of our preference.

Use Enhanced Ecommerce Reports for your store

In an ideal case enable Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking on your store as soon as you start getting some revenue. To not miss on any of the valuable data.

Have a Google Analytics consultant do it for you so that it is done right. We at MangoBlogger can help you do it as well. Order here!

With enhanced ecommerce reports you can get reports like below and much more! Like which of your marketing campaigns are bringing you sales, which keywords are bringing you sales. And it is your data, you don’t have to pay some plugin to get it.

Enhanced Ecommerce Report Which Can Show You Where Do Users Fall Off From the Funnel
Product Sales Performance in Woocommerce (Product Names are hidden in the image)

Use SEOMango Ecommerce Reports

SEOMango is an Google Sheets add-on developed by us. It will send you weekly enhanced ecommerce reports in your email once you enable enhanced ecommerce reports. Watch the following video to know more!

Use Woocommerce Default Reports

In your Woocommerce dashboard on your website, you will find an option called as reports. You can use this to keep a pulse on your sales. But this data cannot be exported in a format that you would like so we would recommend to not rely on this data to gain insights. Read more about Woocommerce reports on their docs page!

Use WordPress Plugin

Always enable Enhanced Ecommerce Reports in Google Analytics (See point 1). But if you not have that enabled it and you need to export product sales by product name urgently, then you can try this plugin.

Do you have any questions? Let us know in the comments!

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