When we are asked should we get new tool which can help visualize and communicate our customer data etc etc. This is when they already have a tool which is Google Analytics.

MangoBlogger is of the opinion that that everyone related to product should use Google Analytics, not just the analysts. The product manager, marketing person, ecommerce, UX, engineers.. everyone. When insights are not coming to you from the most basic tool there is a high chance that you would be getting no insights from the new tool as well.

So we suggest to make sure everyone is using Google Analytics through their dashboards, informing the decisions, importing the data in excel to further analysis. This level of analytics ninjafication of your team is least necessary for you to consider one more web analytics tool. Sure you can go for BI tools like Tableau. But I think that is it.

Because if the  analyst leaves he takes all the knowledge with him/her. We want everyone to understand the power of utilizing GA on all platforms and taking decisions.

Prasanna Kulkarni

Founder and CEO of MangoBlogger.com. 6 years of experience in digital marketing. Managed hundreds of dollars in paid search budget. Creator of tools used by businesses all around the world and instructor of the ultimate guide to digital marketing course.


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