Google Analytics View Has No Data

Published by Mangoblogger on

OK. So you created a view in Google Analytics, congrats! Views are a great way to be used as a lends to look at your web analytics data. But wait, your Google Analytics View has no data, what can you do?

Well, first thing first: Always have an unfiltered/unedited view. Always. Build your additional views (including master) without touching this one.

Things you can do to debug the problem:

  1. Check if you have enabled the User ID feature while making the view. If you updated User ID and are not passing any User ID data then no data would show in this view.
  2. See if your filters are correct for the view
  3. See if your unfiltered view is getting any data

That is it, if you have correct filters, not fiddled with User ID and if your unfiltered view shows data; then your newly created view should show data.