Getting List ID / idList and board id /idBoard from Trello API

Following is a step by Step example of how to get the idList from Trello API and also add a Card to a particular list:

First of all we require a idCard or idBoard to begin, make sure you get them from the title bar in the browser,

it’s a gibberish text, example: ( The b here represents the board id)       ( The c here represents the card id)

get one of those and save them, for use.

Trello API documentation displaying idList as a required field

Trello API documentation displaying idList as a required field

As you can see idList or List id of a particular Trello board is required field for API interaction.


                    (Board id) –>  (List id) –> (Card id)

Above is the Hierarchy, with unique id’s associated with each member at each step.

This this is how I did it,


I used the POSTMAN app(Chrome Plugin) [Chrome Extension, Desktop App]

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and sent an url GET request to the page, parsed the incoming data as JSON, and I got all the data I would ever need, boardID, listId etc.

So from there on it was simple ctrl+f, and I got it.

URL used:

Before using the following URL, be sure that you have the cardId because this is the code for retrieving data from a trello card and uses a GET request for the same.[card id]?attachments=false&attachment_fields=all&checklists=none&checklist_fields=all&sticker_fields=all&key=[“key-insert your key here”]&token=[“token-insert your token here”]

Postman App Example of filling a request

Postman App Example of filling a request

Postman App Example of receiving and rendering the result

Postman App Example of receiving and rendering the result

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As you can see,

The 30th line contains idBoard,

The 32nd line contains idList, which we want!

A much clutter-free way to do it→


I also wrote another NodeJS API to parse the data as JSON, and give any relevant details I ask for, It worked much better as there was no Clutter this time around.

Here is the code for the same:


//NodeJS script to retrieve relevant details from the Trello //Board api

//Make sure you have the cardId of atleast one card from //the list whoose id you want to know

var options = { method: ‘GET’,

 url: ‘’,


  { attachments: ‘false’,

attachment_fields: ‘all’,

checklists: ‘none’,

checklist_fields: ‘all’,

sticker_fields: ‘all’,

key: [Key],

token: [Token] } };

  request(options, function (error, response, body) {

    if (error) throw new Error(error);


//Parse the incoming body as JSON data as it is in a String     //Format!  

      var obj = JSON.parse(body);

//Mention here the parameter you want to retireve from the //Massive incoming body

             console.log(“idList : “+obj.idList);





Running result on Mac terminal NodeJs

Running result on Mac terminal NodeJs

Thank you for reading!


  1. Where do I find my User Specific Token/Key?
  2. Where do I find the cardID, boardId etc.?


It’s a challenge.

Hint: Use the internet.