Great so you have your website, now what? A big part of growing a startup is growth hacking which lets you improve marketing return on investment. Growth hacking specifically focuses on doing marketing activities which result in growth of companies’ said customers and be on the journey to creating 1000 true fans. The efforts which website owners can take in improving marketing ROI is SEO, social media, content marketing, tradeshows, paid ads etc.

Constant efforts need to be made to bring steady traffic to the website and most importantly have that traffic convert. So in the end the number of people coming to the website should not be the sole criteria for marketing efforts but measuring and motivating conversions should be. Entrepreneurs should be aware of the quality of the traffic to be able to invest more in the marketing activities which are working and sending quality traffic to the website.

And hence web analytics can be insanely useful for measuring these activities and the quality of traffic. How can you improve what you cannot measure? One needs to define the kind of actions they want users to take on the website and assign monetary value to it to be able to measure it to improve ROI from marketing. If you are looking for to improve your return on investment from paid ads or social media implementing analytics dashboards is the first step to measuring and improving ROI.

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