A website conversion is an important factor driving the success of your online store monetization. Conversion rate optimization is the process of improving the shopping experience to drive a specific Key Performance Indicator (KPI). Want to know how to quickly increase conversions for your website? Then read on.

To increase your conversion rates, you first need to know the conversion issue: which can
be done via the usage of certain tools. These tools help you to analyze your conversion rate

A few tools that you could use are: Inspectlet, Mixpanel, CrazyEgg, Google Analytics and
webmaster tools, BigCommerce Analytics etc.

The second step would be to boost your conversion rates. Now, how can this be done?
One method would be to put in high-quality product images. Put yourself in the shoes of a
shopper. What would you want to see while shopping online? You can touch the product or
try it on. Therefore, only the best visuals can help you make a decision.
And that’s exactly what you need to do in your store- attach highly detailed images to your
products to lure customers into a purchase. High-quality images help as they can be the best source for the customer to zoom in and thoroughly inspect your product.

Another method would be to offer free shipping to your customers. Customers enjoy thinking
that they’re getting a deal out of their purchases. Let’s face it, any and everything with the
tag-free- sells faster than a product that has nothing to offer. Sometimes, there may not even
be a deal but the mere gesture helps. It is basically a psychological game. The customers
can’t afford shipping charges? Offer them free shipping and cover it up by just a tad increase in your product price.

You could provide coupons and coupon codes to your users which would help them get an
the amount or a percentage off the purchase at the gateway.
If you are selling a brand named item that a lot of other stores are already offering, then in
order to get your purchase going you would have to slightly reduce the price of your product
and attract customers.

Make sure that your checkout process is simpler than ever. Elongated processes could
prove to be a bad UX and your customers could end up losing interest. A seamless checkout process would be the right way to go.

A good add one would be to have a live chat software that lets you communicate directly to
your customer. But make sure that the appointed person is always available online for any
help whatsoever.

Ensure that your customers are aware of the security of your e-commerce store. Online
purchase is linked to credit card transactions and sharing of highly confidential information. A slight glitch and you would lose your customers. Thus, it is very important to let your users.

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An Architect, aspiring visual designer and a passionate writer. In my years of graduation I had a chance to explore and evolve as a designer and focus on how versatile a professional can get. I hope to excel in the field of user experience design as well as continue with my interest in expressing myself through the art of writing.

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