How to install a Google Sheets Add-On?

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Google Add-ons are tools that extend the functionality of Google Apps like Sheets, Docs, Forms, Slides etc. They are really powerful and can automate a ton of your business processes. In this blog, we will see how to install one for Google Sheets.

We will be using ‘Employee Onboarding App‘ add-on as an example for this purpose. This add-on automates sending an offer letter to candidates for your business and automatically sends them a recommendation letter on exit. Saving you a lot of time.

You can also refer this video tutorial for how to install a Google Sheets add-on.

So to install a Google sheet on following the below steps.

    1. Open a Google Sheet using your Google Account
    2. Go to the Add-Ons menu as shown in the image and click on ‘Get add-ons’
    3. A dialogue box will appear. Enter the name of the add-on that you want to install in search box and press enter
    4. Click on the ‘+’ button in front of the add-on that you want to install

  1. You will be asked to agree to permissions that the add-on requires to function. ‘Click Allow’
  2. Upon installation, you will receive a tip for next actions to take to start using the add-on. Congratulations, the add-on now is successfully installed.
  3. You can go back to Add-ons menu to see a new option by the name of add-on over there. In this case, we see ‘Employee Onboarding App’ under Add-ons menu which was not there earlier
  4. Go to the new Google Sheets Add-On which you just installed and hover over it. More options will pop out
  5. Take the action which you saw in tips upon installation of the add-on. In this case, click on ‘Run Setup’

Congratulations you have successfully installed a Google Sheets add-on!