Conducting the A/B tests let’s us be agile and create a good experience for our website visitors.

A/B Tests we ran on

Following is where we are documenting the tests we did. Big and small.

We have attached the screenshot of results whenever possible. In some cases the tests may still be running.

Tools Used for the Tests:

Google Optimize as the testing platform

Google Analytics as the reporting tool

Redirect Test – Homepage Hero Image

Based on our usability studies we decided to design a hero image with a dashboard demo. It is a homepage hero image put together in HTML but was enough for us to start testing this new direction for our homepage.

This test is only running on desktop as the updated hero image is not yet responsive.

Hero Image Original Version

mangoblogger hero a/b test original version

Hero Image New Version

The embedded dashboard used in the example is made in Tableau. We tried using DOMO but Tableau Public works better.

mangoblogger hero a/b test version 1

A/B Test – Background Color Change for Div Element

In this test we decided to spice up our product features by making the background green. Don’t ask us the reason but as of today the green background version is converting far better than the original version.

Original Version with white background

mangoblogger div a/b test original version

Updated version with green background

We could make the changes in Google Optimize UI and run the test. No developer time was needed to run the test.

mangoblogger div a/b test

A/B Test – Text Change to Explain USP

In this test we tested if by explaining our USP did we get more clicks on the CTA.

Original Version

Updated version


A/B Test – Simple Test by Making Text Bold

Just checking if making the “Dashboards starting from INR 6,999” bold




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