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Winter is coming.

But things are hot at MangoBlogger.

First of all, we have a new website based on material design – link Then, We launched an Android App.

It’s open source Android project. It is based on WordPress & Drupal REST API. Businesses can turn their websites into beautiful mobile apps.With no cost. It’s open source. We provide a solid of technology. You can plugin your API keys and get running in a matter of days.What’s in it for us? We are bringing analytics to mobile phones and getting a solid understanding of mobile app analytics which is a whole different market for MangoBlogger.
Get it on Google Play

We have a team of talented developers and analysts from Patna, Delhi, Raipur, Pune & Vellore working on this difficult problem – link What can you create with Node.js WordPress plugin with Google Blog – 3 months UX internship at MangoBlogger Experiences Android Instant Apps Do share it if you like it. 🙂

For the rest of the year, our priority is keeping servicing our clients, develop an iOS app, WordPress Plugin, build processes and create a kickass e-commerce experience at MangoBlogger, where customers can buy Google Analytics Dashboards & SEO services online.

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