MangoBlogger is a startup dear to us. It is an expression of our work, vision and the desire to bring the change that we think is for the better.

We think of our work, business, technology, and businesses out there and keep marching forward.

The road is going to be rocky. And sometimes there will be no direction.

But our values serve as a beacon to us.

Our values define who we are, and the team we are building at MangoBlogger. The values have been defined by our experience and our ambitions.

Do you think you have the following values in you and would like to work at MangoBlogger? Then we’d love to hear from you. 

Our values are as follows –

Our Work, Our Craft

We love our work. We are a bunch of geeks and nerds. Who says being a geek is bad?

Not at all.

We embrace our inner geeks and we geek out a lot! That’s what keeps us going.

We geek out on movies, music, video games and all the things.

We geek out on coding, design, data and user experience.

And we geek out on our work. We believe these are exciting times. And we are excited to build and use the next generation of technology that will be used by entrepreneurs.

Live the journey

It’s all about the journey. We are just getting started with making a dent in the universe. We do enjoy making those connections, doing cool stuff, enjoying our weekends, excelling in work and all those little things.

It is the journey that we love. The destination is where we are going, but that does not mean that we are always “heads down” and not having fun.

Learn and unlearn

The times are changing.

There is new technology every month which is better than the last one. We have to constantly keep on evolving to do great work and serve our clients. We have to keep learning and unlearning.

We are not afraid of learning new things and challenging our own assumptions.

We do smart and hard work. Both.

We have a scientific approach based on user experience. Data guides us. We learn and unlearn.

Together we ascend

A startup is a team game. And we play as a team.

MangoBlogger is full of great people with amazing skills and experiences. We tend to learn from each other and help wherever we can.

If someone else is stuck at a ticket and we can help, we do it. Closing tickets is important.

We give due credit wherever is necessary. And it is a team game.

We are people who are as passionate about collaborating with other people as we are about the thing we are creating.

Prasanna Kulkarni

Founder and CEO of 6 years of experience in digital marketing. Managed hundreds of dollars in paid search budget. Creator of tools used by businesses all around the world and instructor of the ultimate guide to digital marketing course.


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