This post is a quick how-to guide on “how to remove SumoMe blue badge from your website,

  1. Click on the badge
  2. Login (not signup)
  3. Click on the settings icon (gear icon) on SumoMe popup
  4. Click on badge option
  5. Change from “top right” to hidden

And you should be good to go! The SumoMe badge has been removed from your website. Try to find if you succeeded by opening your site from an incognito window.

Related thoughts

Alright now that we have gotten that out of the way let’s talk about why this annoys website owners.

For SumoMe, having your brand badge on your clients’ website is a great way to gather some eyeballs and get some sweet referral traffic. It so happens that because a website you are visiting is endorsing a brand on their homepage that it generates trust in the mind of the visitor. A visitor might think that “Hey, these guys are endorsing the brand on their website, this must be good. Let me check it out.”

This is all good if it is mutual though.

I have noticed that SumoMe does not mention it anywhere (or at least does not make it easy to understand) that we will be showing this badge on your website. And then one day you notice it and want to remove it, but then it is not easy to remove.

As a website owner, you want users to interact with your website and not get distracted. You work hard to get traffic to your website and when your users are distracted it is not a good experience.

These days marketing technology has reached a point that you can create the same experience on your website and implement traffic growing tools without having to endorse anyone.

See and Google Tag Manager

Sure, it does take little more efforts and marketing technology smarts, but it is worth doing for the love of your life, your small business website. 🙂

Prasanna Kulkarni

Founder and CEO of 6 years of experience in digital marketing. Managed hundreds of dollars in paid search budget. Creator of tools used by businesses all around the world and instructor of the ultimate guide to digital marketing course.


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