Business is done online. Whether you are selling a tangible or intangible product, and especially if you can automate the process of orders, emails, payments; then it does make sense to set up an ecommerce store.

Here are three things we want to you to think about when starting an ecommerce store:

1. Content Marketing

A strong and steady content marketing through blogs brings organic traffic to your website which has the potential of converting. They are the users who love what you write about  and they can be your most ardent fans and buyers.

This also moves past to social media marketing as you have generate content which brings traffic. You can use paid ads to bring in traffic but a free traffic is free traffic after all and concentrating on content marketing also builds your brand.

2. Usability 

This is a big one. One way to look at it is: Would you buy from your own site? We believe in making products which we like! I think we have a sense of good and bad web experience and it is never to late to ask for help.

There are a lot of topics playing behind the curtain like design, typography, colors, text, branding, ease of use and much more.  It is a constant process and learning curve, best done and implemented by the entrepreneur.

3. Test, Improve & Repeat

 Chances are that your store would take off on the first day and you would need to make few teaks to it to get the rhythm. Knowing what the users are doing on your website is incredibly helpful and speeds up the process of learning through A/B tests.

This is where being data driven starts. Set up a robust analytics platform so you can improve and iterate like a true agile champ.



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