With the increasing count of online shoppers, this is the aptest time for you to build your
own store and begin an e-commerce store in India.

But how would you start making your own e-commerce store in India?

Here are some pinpoints to kickoff of your e-commerce store online business:

Your business name

This is naturally the first step that you need to begin with. In my opinion, you would want to
choose a fabulous and catchy name that no other company has used. Make sure that
it is a new and unique name. And once that is done, get it registered!

then what?

Secure your domain name and website

Preferably, it is ideal to get your domain name as your website name or very similar to it.

There are variations such as .in .com .love .guru that you can use to spice things up.

You can get started with a domain from godaddy.com or any other company that you prefer.

Choose a URL that is easy to spell. Do some corporate research and make sure that
the name is not already in use.

Starting your e-commerce store can be a bit of an expense. You need to ensure that the
website is not just visually appealing but has the functionality that your business needs to automate its processes and grow.

Select a business structure for your e-commerce store in India

A business structure for your online business in India could be

  • Sole proprietor
  • Partnership
  • LLC
  • Corporation

If you do not opt for any of these structures, you would automatically be considered as a sole
proprietor. However, settling for a sole proprietorship increases your business risks. Thus, it
is advisable to settle for an alternative business structure.

Get your employer identification number

To open your business bank account and file your business taxes, you need an EINEmployee
Identification Number.It is similar to a social security number- helps you identify
your business and file important paperwork.

Apply for business license

An e-commerce store equally needs a license just like any other on site store. File for a
license and check with your city, state, and country to understand the kind of taxes applicable
to you. Get them approved before you proceed with your the launch of your store.

Find the right vendors

It is a competitive world out there and your products would be no exception to this
competition. Make sure your products are made with the highest quality materials and offer
the best prices. Do a thorough research before you settle for a vendor.

Start marketing early

The key to having maximum visitors immediately after your launch would be to market well
prior to your release. Even if your website is not up and running yet, you can set up social
media profiles to make the audience aware of what is coming soon.
Another thing to do would be to release a coming soon page before your launch wherein
people can sign up in advance. To lure customers into signing up, you could provide special
offers to customers who create an account before time.

Use the right software

Make use of the technology to make your work easier, faster and more efficient, get
acquainted with customer relationship management, accounting, project management and
email marketing software that you could integrate with your website once launched.

Stock your inventory

Make sure that your warehouse or any place that you store your products is always fully
stocked for launch. Not knowing how much is enough can be a tricky business but it is
always better to have an excess than being short of something.
Stick to this checklist and your business would fly high.

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