Hey! This post is a little different from the other posts that we have. It is a story about a person who goes to the city of “Dot Com”. The post is full of metaphors of our daily lives. We had fun making it, hope you have fun reading it!

IP333 had been sitting idle for 4 hours. Doing nothing. One important thing about IP333 was that it was a new traveler. It had not been to the city of internet before. This world was completely new.

So now the IP333 finally decided to go to the World of Internet and see what it is all about? Now it was connected to the vehicle owned by the travel agent ‘TWC’ and was all ready to embard on this epic adventure and all excited about the possibilities ahead.

While TWC was getting seated in the vehicle and checking it out, TWC said something “Hey IP333, which city would you like to go?”

This was a very confusing question. IP333 started thinking. Should I go to the city of ‘Dot Com’ or ‘Dot Net’? What am I going to do there? It stated thinking, I am so new here, I do not know where to go. Maybe I should use Google or StubleUpon as my travel guide?

It was a common knowledge that such travel agents sometimes took money from different attractions to advertise them to the users. But that was fine, IP333 knew this was the way the world worked you know. Thinking about the upcoming trip to Yosemite and with the help of Google, IP told Google to take it somewhere related to “Yosemite Trip”. Google instantaneously spit out everywhere that IP could go with plugging of it’s friends’ places. IP decided to go with TripAdvisor from all the choices that were presented. Once on tripadvisor IP started exploring the place. It was really helpful and beautifully designed. There were compartments to keep all the favorite things in the house, the security of the place was top notch, there was even an option to create your own room in this place and customize it according to you. You could even invite your friends to your room and they could see all your compartments and to-do lists! It was awesome! IP could not help but notice all the street vendors with their banners to attract IP. It was a known fact that such free to use places let these vendors be and do their thing. IP tried to ignore these vendors but one of them had a huge Yosemite discount. IP visited the vendors shop quickly but decided not to buy anything there.

Now IP armed with a little bit of more information decided it was enough exploring for the day and decided to call it a day. But the vendor had taken a note of IP333’s visit and was determined to follow IP on all the future trips. Something was cooking….

To be continued…

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