Being a fresher UX/UI professional can be a thrill. You’re just out of the theory world of visual designing and your mind can’t wait for its application to the practical world. Your mind is boggling with several ideas and the creativity is at its peak.
But is that enough? A designers mind needs to be backed up with sound knowledge of all the current design affairs and trends. A well read designer backed up with a good portfolio and skillset is what every company looks for in a professional.

To start with, begin to explore design inspiration websites and blogs. Something as simple as reading about design could help spur the creativity. Not just reading about design but getting to know about all the Do’s and Don’ts’ of UX and UI is a must for every professional. Amaetur mistakes are unforgivable so make sure you get your basics straightened up.
Being a visual designer myself, I recently subscribed to a few websites like:

A website to show, tell,ask and explore the world of Design. It is for every designer- right from UX and UI to product designers to illustrators.

Muzli is a design inspiration website that you can set as a chrome extension. One can find every article related to all kinds of design professions. Plus, websites like Behance, Sidebar, Dribble, TED and so on are just a click away via Muzli.

Other blogs that every beginner must follow are:

NielsenNorman Group
Usability Geek
UX Matters
UX booth
UX movement
UX magazine
Smashing magazine

These blogs and newsletters would help increase your knowledge and know how about UX thus helping get at par with the fellow UXers.

Now, step two would be applying all your knowledge and building a good portfolio. Start working on your own dummy projects, researching, conducting interviews with the target audience, working on the IA, wireframing and prototyping. Make sure that you make your portfolio and resume as eye catching as possible. It isn’t just important to have all your content together but also the way you present it.
The presentation of your portfolio talks a lot about your design approach and design style. Make the most of it.
Take any and every job that you grab related to UX and UI. Even the smallest of jobs helps you to understand how exactly it is in the practical world. May it be an internship or a full time job or even a freelancing assignment, aim on getting the maximum of experience. A UXer without any experience in all the allied jobs can never fully be a complete UXer. You have to start from the bottom.

Step three would be getting connected on professional platforms and meetups. Not all UX jobs are advertised and mostly can be approached via LinkedIn, Glassdoor etc. Not just a job but connecting with the UX masters of the world, attending meetups or even joining a conversation online can help you with your future endeavours.

The best thing to do is to get a mentor to guide your beginner’s mind. Connecting on social platforms is one of the best ways of finding a mentor, sharing your ideas, asking for advice and knowing their way of exceeding in this profession. Design and Art have countless perspectives. Make sure you get somebody else’s opinion on your work. An open mind and not a rigid one is what you exactly need while designing.

And the final step would be to enhance your technical skills and get hired as a professional. There are countless UX and Prototyping tools available in the market- Sketch (only for MAC), Adobe Xd, Figma, Axure, UX Pin.. the list is unending.
The best thing to do is to choose the one that you’re most comfortable with. Being a beginner myself, what I follow is the usage of one tool for one project; in such a way you have tons of tools in your skill list make your resume even stronger.

As a UXer you also need to know the limitations of coding so as to make a sensible and practical design options. It helps you understand if your design is feasible. This basically helps you to bridge the gap between a designer and a developer.

These are just a few major touch points that every aspiring UX professional can follow. Design is an unending process with constant innovations taking place every year. Stay up to date, stay well read and you’re good to go!


An Architect, aspiring visual designer and a passionate writer. In my years of graduation I had a chance to explore and evolve as a designer and focus on how versatile a professional can get. I hope to excel in the field of user experience design as well as continue with my interest in expressing myself through the art of writing.


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