Though the previous website for Sunbeam was very easy to navigate and understand, we did give a
walkthrough to the user to clear any misunderstandings or doubts.
We helped the user to understand the WordPress basics, a dashboard, how it works, how one
adds articles, featured images, pages as well as how we edit the clients and employees list.
It was very easy for the user to navigate through this entire walkthrough, thus making us and the
user happy with the outcome.
To make our user self-sufficient, we decided to teach them how analytics works. We told them
about the basics such as Real time usage, overviews, location, and traffic sources.
We also showed them how we track our audience and active users from a rate of 1 to 30 days;
the demographics which included something as specific as age and gender, language and
location as well as their behavior such as new visitors and returning visitors, their bounce rate,
frequency, recency, and engagement. We also helped them track the device through which the
users operated.
We showcased the importance of Keywords used in channeling the SEO, which could help the
user while formulating any article on their personalized WordPress website that we provided
them with.

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