Hello! Before I walk you through my fruitful experience at MangoBlogger, let me give you a brief introduction about my background.
I am an Architect and an aspiring UX Designer. Designing has always been one of my passions and in the final year of my architecture, I learnt about the creative field of UX and UI designing. I instantly got so absorbed in it, that I took up a short course in Pune to create my base for a future UX designer.

I was fortunate enough to meet Prasanna in that period of time. Luckily he did want to hire me as a UX design Intern and a content specialist – and that’s where my journey of UX began.

I had initially started working with MangoBlogger as a content specialist; ‘War of the Virtual Assistants’ was my first blog for the website and ever since I managed to write 16 UX focused blogs. MangoBlogger did not just assign me work, it helped me to increase my knowledge as an aspiring UX designer.
I wouldn’t just say this for the sake of it, but this 3 month journey truly helped me on so many levels – I can now implement my knowledge about UX at my current job in Pune. It also helped me to come up with a really well compiled portfolio for my masters and an SOP where I could genuinely share my knowledge about UX.

Working with MangoBlogger taught me a lot of things. I am sure any person who might read this would think, hey – what can you learn in three months anyway.
But I beg to differ. This three-month contract of working remotely inculcated a lot of qualities in me. It helped me learn about time management, consistency, dedication to work.. and I would say – Honesty.

Honesty; because working remotely is a luxury, but committing to your employer, dedicating a fixed time slot to work, providing the deliverables right on time and respecting the trust put in by your employer – all of this requires sheer honesty. And I could not be more thankful to MangoBlogger for helping me not just to grow professionally but also personally.

MangoBlogger also welcomed any and every suggestion and inputs from all of us; it was all about team work – thus making the journey even more enjoyable.

To sum it up, it is great to work for this MangoBlogger spearheaded by Prasanna Kulkarni and I would suggest anybody to definitely take up this experience.


An Architect, aspiring visual designer and a passionate writer. In my years of graduation I had a chance to explore and evolve as a designer and focus on how versatile a professional can get. I hope to excel in the field of user experience design as well as continue with my interest in expressing myself through the art of writing.


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