With the growing innovations and constant changes in how we interact with technology and devices, the tech world is bound to have smarter additions to an already smart product. What then is the prospective UX trend that could enhance the look and feel of our dear tech world in 2018?

Pay attention, these trends are under process. These are the UX trends India (and the world) for 2018:

Time Saving Design

With the bustling life of Humans, every single person favors a time-saving task. A task completion through a seamless linear design and one-click action can be summed up as a good UX design. To understand this better, a good example would be the Uber application that allows you to complete your action through a simple and clear journey.
Another time-saving invention is the use of Chatbots. With the virtual assistants like Alexa, Google, Cortana, Siri taking over our personal lives- in no time they would be launched for a commercial use such as Chatbots for online help centers.

Smarter Personalization

A popular way of attracting a user to the use your application more is by the availability of personalization within the application. A very simple example would be the Facebook messenger personalization facilities. One can set pet names as well as change the color of individual chats. This feature helps to increase the interest and involvement of the end user while interacting with your app.

Greyer Grays

We observe one stark change in the Instagram application and that is how they changed the entire interface into a black and white design with a color only for the ‘likes’ icon. The entire application now plays with tones of grey and yet never fails to be eye-catching. ‘Greyer grays’ is exactly the new UX trend that has a high chance of capturing several apps in the coming year.

Askew-morphic Design

The UX trend in 2018 may focus on breaking the use of angular icons and countless colors and replacing them with softer shapes and limited colors.

Paper and Origami Prototyping

Paper prototyping is one interesting UX practice that can prove to be very popular among users. What can be the next best thing after an online prototype? Testing your application via paper prototyping and distributing it between users is slowly winning the hearts. The interesting part is applying origami and using several textures in your paper prototyping. If you settle for a skeuomorphic design, what is better than using a few textured papers in your prototype?

Broader UX and Specialization

UX is a vast profession that will be applicable to almost any and every industry in the coming years. Now, we would be seeing the specialization of UX in Virtual Design and Artificial Intelligence as well as the health industry.
Broader UX also means involving every single person concerned with the interface design into the UX team. By bringing every single person working on the application on one single page, the product tends to be much efficient with lesser confusion.

UX as Management Practice

Who says UX will focus only on the development of beautiful interfaces? In the coming year, UX focuses on pushing leaders to relate with their employees by getting involved in their day to day work journey, getting to know about their problems and coming up with easy solutions and in the end suggesting several ideas for better employee motivation. Thus, UX will now relate to a person’s daily life directly than through the use of an Interface.


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