Accessibility Testing

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Accessibility is the ease with which people can use and understand a website or app. This means, that how the website and apps are designed to be adaptable to people with disability or special needs. An example of this could be adapting colours to allow for people who are colour blind.

Much specialist technology is available for you to use to make your website a more accessible place. Some of the most common technology is listed below. In an ideal world, we designers would try to access this technology and test our sites with it to ensure site accessibility. We may understand that this isn’t always practical, but it’s important to stay conscientious. Saving one user from having a bad experience is worth it.

Common Technologies Used to Facilitate Accessibility Online

  • Alternative web browsers
  • Braille for the web
  • Eye-tracking applications
  • Head wands
  • Mouth sticks
  • Screen magnifiers
  • Screen readers

Accessibility Testing Tools

In addition to the W3 tools mentioned above, many different accessibility testing tools are available online. The following is a small selection of these:

WAVE—evaluates the overall level of accessibility for any given website.

Color Oracle— displays your site’s colours in a manner similar to how a user with colour blindness would see the page.

Image Analyzer— examines website images and tests their compliance with accessibility standards.

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