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This is secondary type of navigation used to track down customers location on a website or in an app. Using Breadcrumbs customer can retrace their steps or go back to the original search. breadcrumbs is a graphical control component utilized as a navigational guide in UIs. It enables clients to monitor their areas inside projects, reports, or sites. The term originates from the trail of bread scraps left by Hansel and Gretel in the fable of a similar name. we can take an android app example to understand it,

(Fig. 1)


In above example, there is a shopping app with three steps for choosing a product. First is “All”, second one is “categories”, third one is “groups”. With the help of bread crumbs, the user can get to know about the status of the process. By seeing these navigations, the user will not get annoyed to complete the process.



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