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Content Strategy emphasizes on how content is planned, created and delivered. Content Strategy enables a brand to establish loyalty and trust among the audience that consumes the content.

“Content Strategy is the kingmaker wherever Content is the king.”

Today abundant content is available to your customers. It is now an imperative to create quality content so your site ranks well in Google Search Results for the keywords you want and be strategic about your content generation efforts.

A general step by step approach to derive a strategy for content development and delivery can be defined as follows:

Identifying your Goal

As you start producing content one has to think about the goal of the content. Is it to drive leads, generate awareness, competitive keyword or to solve a pain point of your customer? This question should be asked on a blog level and a content calendar level.

Understanding your Audience

Your audience searches on the internet on different stages of buying. They have different questions. Ask your audience what would they like to read about? Qualitative data is very important for such engagements.

Zeroing-in on Content-type

So you thought about all of this. Next step is deciding the content you will produce. Will it be a text, image, ebook, youtube video, podcast etc.

Understanding your and your teams strength is important. In the end the content should solve for your business problem, it’s type does not matter.

Leveraging Social Media Platforms

Content distribution is another part of content strategy. Where are you going to post this and why is a critical factor.

Data-backed decision, Optimizing and Backtracking

Use Google Analytics and Google Search Console to make modifications according to the chart below.

Content Strategy diagram

Content Strategy Cycle

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