2018 is just around the corner and Web Analytics Trends in India for 2018 are looking very exciting!

The current year of 2017 has been the year where a lot of proliferation has happened with respect to web analytics tools. Many businesses have already tried paid digital advertisements. And the focus has turned to increasing the conversion rates and personalizing user journeys. You can see From Gartner Digital Marketing Hype Cycle that all the technologies that help measure may soon be climbing the slope (Hype cycle is a report that Gartner publishes which in a way lets you know the usefulness of a technology and you can adapt it based on if your business is a laggard or an early adopter.

So what will be the trends we think that will rise in the market?

Teams will start demanding data

Now, most businesses have a couple of years worth of web analytics data. The patterns are easy to spot in such large quantities of data. Teams have used data to inform their decisions. And you if you were a web analyst in an organization, you are now a very valuable person 🙂

As different teams start demanding data business people now have to think about hiring additional data analysts or outsourcing the work. It is a fine balance.

Multi-channel attribution will become a need

Marketing is no more limited to only newspaper ads. Social media paid channels, affiliates, SEO, email campaigns are all being used by any sized business to drive awareness and conversions. As the spread of this advertising increases, it becomes evident that it is not captured not our regular metrics. Hence a well implemented multi-channel attribution is necessary.

Innovative uses of the Google Analytics Data will be made

Through the use of custom dimensions, you can capture a lot more than the dimensions that GA provides. This data can be used to drive a variety of business decisions. For a good use case use of Analytics Reporting API to visualize, this data can be done.

Tag Management will increase valuable data collection

Businesses that adopt tag management solutions will gain a distinct advantage in data collection and launch marketing campaigns faster.That will enable them to make decisions faster and test faster.

Marketing will truly become agile.

Small businesses will embrace heatmaps and A/B tests

A/B tests have come in the grasp of small businesses with Google Optimize. Now anyone can A/B test. A true level playing field.

Businesses will start implementing personalization

Businesses investing in digital transformation and adding a personal touch will start implementing personalizations, creating personas and segments.

Personalization will also be done by publishers




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