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Why Get a Google Analytics Dashboard?

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  1. A dashboard informs of the trends in data which get very valuable over time as you can begin to spot patterns and optimize the overall inventory of your ecommerce business
  2. In today’s digital world you can reach customers in so many ways through your growth hacking efforts. It is important to know which of the efforts are clicking and bringing in quality customers to your site
  3. Also if you are following a lean startup methodology & lean UX, having GA data will get you insights how to improve conversions and build a product that customers want
  4. Google Analytics dashboards are also a good way of keeping your team informed on the key KPIs of your startup
  5. It can help you modify your marketing campaigns to minimize the cost per acquisition.
  6. Quickly create segments for cluster analysis
  7. Export the reports in a variety of formats for further analysis

and so so many more..

Prasanna Kulkarni

Founder and CEO of 6 years of experience in digital marketing. Managed hundreds of dollars in paid search budget. Creator of tools used by businesses all around the world and instructor of the ultimate guide to digital marketing course.


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