I joined MangoBlogger as JavaScript Specialist , for 3 months. Needless to say, the the team is amazingly supportive in terms of work hours and overcoming challenges. Working remotely , Mangoblogger introduced me to various platforms which seemed quite amusing to me.


Starting with the technologies about which I learned, I will say, even though I knew development to some extent  , but with MangoBlogger, I could explore so much more that was going out in the world. Exploring Google’s APIs and manipulating data with my own applications was the best part.  Specifically , Google AppScript is the platform which I found the most enjoyable amongst the rest. Also, who are beginning with HTML/JavaScript , I’ll can ensure you , that you will get ample opportunities to experiment and try out different styles.


Flexibility is an important factor for healthy results from hard work, and there are no fixed number of hours that you need to work for the day. Whenever I used to get time , I used to devote to the fullest for the completion of my tasks. The task given are always according to the individuals knowledge , with a scope of pushing limits in terms of knowledge and efforts. Before starting a task , MangoBlogger gives all the relevant documentation and other resources for quickstart getting comfortable with the objective behind the task.


The best way to learn from MangoBlogger is to be inquisitive about the requirements of the tasks and applying whatever seems relevant for completing it. By taking chances , one can explore a lot in  Google APIs , and that helps in building better model of the expected applications. Always keep in touch with the supervisors , and it will make you confident to proceed along with enthusiasm and motivation. Taking challenges with mindset to learn something new out of it will help more than just having the objective to finish the given piece of work. Hope this helps, and encourages you to have a good time interning at MangoBlogger.


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