MangoBlogger Onboarding App allows you to add new employees to tools automatically. This page guides you through on how to find API IDs for these tools to setup in the add-on so everything happens automatically for new candidates.

Finding your Trello API keys

Trello is a powerful project management tool. Using Trello you are able to create a board (set of tasks) template with four column to-do, doing, review and done. These boards are useful to assign tasks to candidates to complete as part of onboarding like checking your app, watching videos etc. Watch this video to learn more about how you can use trello in onboarding. Below you will find how to find required API keys to use in Employee Onboarding App so you can assign tasks to new candidates in minutes and keep a track of their progress.



Finding Your Trello Key

  1. Click here to find your Trello Key.



Finding Your Trello Token

  1. Click on Token after clicking on the above link.

  3. Click on “Allow” to move to next step for finding your Token.

  5. You will find the trello token marked in the red box in the following screenshot



Finding Your ID Organization

  1. Open the a board in the team which you want Organization ID of, for example i want to get id organization of team mangoblogger so i’ll open testBoard.

  3. Open the board and add .json to the end of the url like in the following screenshot and press enter.

  5. In the following page you’ll find a lot of information with “idOrganization”.



Finding Your BoardId Source.

  1. Select the board you want id of.
  2. Follow the Steps in locating Organization Id.
  3. You will locate Board id as id in the json content.



Your Board Name

Your board name can we anything you want it to be. To make your board dynamic and different for every candidate you can follow the format {{“Your SpreadSheet Column Heading”}} where “Your SpreadSheet Column heading is the heading like First Name, Last Name etc, so for example your board name can be {{First Name}} {{Last Name}} – {{Position}} .

How to find IDs to add the calendar automatically to meeting invite

Do you have recurring meetings at your organization that you will like to add new employee to? Here is what you need to have so you can use MangoBlogger Onboarding App for that purpose.



Finding Your Google Calendar Id

  1. Login To Google Calendar with your google account
  2. In the left panel select the calendar you want to use the calendar Id of , click on the option of that particular calendar and click “Settings and Sharing”.

  4. A new page will open, scroll down to “Integrate Calendar” Heading, under which you can find your calendar Id.



Finding Your Meeting Id

  1. Click here to go to the Calendar Page and select the calendar in the left panel

  3. Select the event you want the id of and click option (circled in red).

  5. Click on “Troubleshooting Info”

  7. A popup will appear as in the following image snippet with an eid field which is your Meeting Id