Google Analytics and Remarketing setup package Vancouver



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We will implement robust  Google Tag Manager tags on your website and get feedback on the dashboards.

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Let us get you kickstarted with web analytics by creating your analytics infrastructure on Google Tag Manager (saving you hours of developer work each marketing campaign), custom event tracking and Google Analytics customization.

What will you get when you engage with MangoBlogger analytics implementation?

  1. Create an analytics strategy
    1. Define high goals
    2. Create metrics to track based on the high-level goals
  2. Implement Google Tag Manager
    1. Migrate all the existing tags to GTM
  3. Implement retargeting on social media based on custom actions on the website:
    1. Facebook
    2. Twitter
    3. LinkedIn
    4. YouTube
  4. Create funnels for important user journeys on the site
  5. Custom channel grouping to assess how you win customers and find out which of the customers are most engaged
  6. And lastly custom-made Google Analytics dashboards for different functions and objectives of your business  


We believe data should available in a consumable format to everyone in the organization. Over the years we have developed ways so that the most data-savvy person in your organization will have the thirst for data quenched, and employees very new to web analytics will understand what the data means – sessions, page views, bounce rate. Be it dashboards or Google sheets,  we will make sure the data reaches the right people at the right time within your organization with our alert system.

We also have a good understanding of marketing automation tools like Marketo, Salesforce, Mailchimp, PPC so our solutions are scalable.

The way it starts is we take a look at the existing analytics implementation and data being captured. And start building on the implementation so that we start capturing the data most important to your business – lead captures, newsletter subscription or e-commerce purchases. Our implementation will give you visibility on these conversions across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and AdWords.

The implementation will be world class. We are proud of what we can do. And it is not easy.