Web Analytics and Automation

What is different about our web analytics approach?

We believe data should available in a consumable format to everyone in the organization. Over the years we have developed ways so that the most data-savvy person in your organization will have the thirst for data quenched, and employees very new to web analytics will understand what the data means - sessions, page views, bounce rate. Be it dashboards or Google sheets,  we will make sure the data reaches the right people at the right time within your organization with our alert system.

We also have a good understanding of marketing automation tools like Marketo, Salesforce, Mailchimp, PPC so our solutions are scalable.

The way it starts is we take a look at the existing analytics implementation and data being captured. And start building on the implementation so that we start capturing the data most important to your business - lead captures, newsletter subscription or e-commerce purchases. Our implementation will give you visibility on these conversions across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and AdWords.

The implementation will be world class. We are proud of what we can do. And it is not easy.

So what can MangoBlogger do for you?


Give your business the edge of business and web analytics. We can help from creating data collection strategy, training, generating insights from data as well as creating custom dashboards and use dashboards using DOMO, Tableau & Data Studio.


We have created Google Add-ons Onboarding appSEOMango, Marketing Automation. They automate key business processes and a lot of manual work for technology marketers and data analysts. Book a meeting with us to see how they can help your business and save thousands of dollars on salaries, seriously.

Website Design

Need a website design consultant to simplify your business processes, create e-commerce website based on best UX principles and SEO fundamentals? Get in touch to know how we can help you.

Automation. The step to Machine Learning.

We make easy to use tools/add-ons that saves a ton of time.

MangoBlogger is a completely remote company. Our employees work from wherever they are. It is also a tight-knit company. We want to work on our core capabilities and automate everything else. Hence we have automated HR with employee onboarding app, Marketing Technology Automation & SEO automation. The tools have saved a lot of time for our clients and as well as for us.

Why automation? Because we believe if we can free human time to do more creative things, we should always do it. Gives us creative satisfaction, improves operations internally and saves a lot of time. Do get in touch for how we can do it for you. The time has come.