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Create a 'Build - Measure - Improve' loop for your business and automate processes.

Website Dashboard

Know what visitors do on your website in an easy to understand dashboard. So you can make growth decisions backed by data.

Marketing Technology

Free yourself from releases. Launch changes, code pushes on the fly, track users with cookies with cutting-edge technology. And stay ahead of the competition.

MangoBlogger - A Marketing Technology Agency

Google Analytics Dashboards | SEO | Google Tag Manager

Every session on your website is an opportunity to learn more about your customers and see what part is working. Clicks on a paid campaign can be tracked to conversion on your website. Keywords data helps in shaping your SEO strategy and creating blogs that bring in revenue.

MangoBlogger Google Analytics Dashboards helps you in doing all the above and more along with reducing coding and launching marketing campaigns in minutes. Our dashboards are the product of marketing technology implementations that we do on the website using Google Tag Manager.

We are surprised that business owners do not know how many visitors are visiting their site. If such data is not available then investment decisions are not made well. DO NOT BE LEFT BEHIND and lose the advantage of data. Our experts will start tracking your website and create a dashboard for you which will help in taking decisions which improve traffic and conversions.

Getting Started with your own dashboard is simple and you can have yours within a week. Complete with Enhanced e-commerce, Google Tag Manager tagging and Google Analytics Dashboards starting from just INR 7,000.

MangoBlogger is a tightly knit, completely remote company made of passionate professionals with a mission to bring the best in marketing technology to SMBs

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Meet Our Open Source Projects That Help Your Business

By MangoBlogger Labs

Android App

REST API | Analytics | UX Based

Turn your Wordpress or Drupal website in a Android App using our open source project based on REST API. Get started with our Android App.

On page lauouts

Website Elements | Data Layer Code

MangoBlogger.com is a UX agency specializing in web analytics and SEO. We create useful Google Analytics Dashboards for your business using Google Tag Manager. Our dashboards integrate with AdWords conversion tracking, Retargeting, Facebook Pixel, Google Publisher and much more.

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