Welcome to SEOMango.

This Google Sheets Add-On is a must-have tool for SEOs, analysts and small businesses to rank better, improve the website and complete a lot of SEO tasks.

Our founder is a web analyst. He created a lot of scripts to automate parts of his job. We put it all in one Google Sheets Add-on which is used by analysts and businesses to save hours on marketing analytics.

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Find 404 URLs and build UTM URLs for campaign tracking

Below are the features that our add-on can help you with -

Google Analytics Weekly Email Reporting

No need to dig into your Google Analytics data for your website each week.

Just set this once and the add-on will update your Google sheet with last week's data on each Monday and send you and your team a beautiful mobile responsive email with the insights each Monday. You can set it up for your own website or your client's website.

Right now you can set up three report types -

  1. Website traffic
  2. Ecommerce report (requires Enhanced ecommerce Google Analytics)
  3. Paid Search Report

HTTP Status Checker

Do you have a list of URLs that you want to check HTTP status for? Do you want to check if the URLs are 404s so you can redirect them? Going through website migration? Do you want to build URLs with UTMs? Want to add Markets or Salesforce tracking codes to URLs?

UTM Link Generator

UTMs are important for marketing analytics. Marketers generally need to create tons of UTMs to carry out marketing campaigns. Our add-on automates that task while helping you stick to the best practices for UTM generation and naming consistency. Just provide your destination URLs and provide the UTMs - with a click of a button you can create tagged UTMs for all your campaigns. Saving hours of time and messy sheets.


Get started with SEOMango

Here are the 4 things that you can do right now with the add-on -

1.URL HTTP Status Checker

It checks the HTTPs status for a set of URLs. Add the URLs you want to check the HTTP status of in 'column A' in any sheet and run this function, to see if the URLs return a status code 200, 301 or 404.


2. Get website traffic report in a weekly email.

No more digging into your data for weekly report. Get all of it in a beautiful, mobile responsive email for you and your team every Monday.

3. Add UTMs to many URLs at once

Stay consistent in naming convention, follow the best practices in UTM tagging. When you run this function it adds a sheet to your spreadsheet columns for URL and UTMs. You can then add the URLs you want to add UTMs to in this new sheet and mention the UTMs. Run the function again to get final URLs with UTM attached!

4. Submit feedback to the developers.

Please feel free to let us know any feedback, bugs using the "Submit Feedback to the developer" option in the add-on menu. We read each feedback and are constantly working to work the add-on better.


Click here for a video demo of SEOMango

Happy Analyzing!
MangoBlogger Team.

For support - email us at [email protected]


No personal data will be accessed. The add on needs permission to read/write your spreadsheet and make a third party request to the URL.

Please make all the product feature request to contact[email protected]