Do you have a list of URLs that you want to check HTTP status for? Do you want to check if the URLs are 404s so you can redirect them. Going through website migration?

Welcome to SEOMango. This Google Sheets Add-On is a must have tool for SEOs, analysts and small businessess to rank better, improve the website and complete a lot of SEO tasks.

Run add-on to check http status of URLs in column A by choosing "SEOMango > Run 404 Checker".

The add on visits the URLs in your column A and adds the HTTP status of the URLs to a newly added column.

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In case of questions do email [email protected]


What data will this add-on have access to?

No personal data will be accessed. The add on needs permission to read/write your spreadsheet and make a third party request to the URL.

What if I have a product feature request?

Please make all the product feature request to [email protected] is a UX agency specializing in web analytics and SEO. We create useful Google Analytics Dashboards for your business using Google Tag Manager. Our dashboards integrate with AdWords conversion tracking, Retargeting, Facebook Pixel, Google Publisher and much more.

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